Persimmon Nut Nappers (GF)

Full disclosure, I haven't actually acted since August (this trend will be over soon, I have an audition next week).  I've had major parenting responsibilities.  My son is disabled and in order to make sure that he gets what he needs I've been fighting since April.  Fighting with the government.  Fighting with the school system. … Continue reading Persimmon Nut Nappers (GF)

How We’re Taught to Look at Women (as Women)

I came across this article in my Facebook feed via a friend and it gave me something to think about. The article discusses some experiments that were done to determine if gender bias played a role in teacher evaluation.  The results were fairly compelling and showed that female students will in fact rate a female … Continue reading How We’re Taught to Look at Women (as Women)


It is fairly common place to receive friend requests from complete strangers.  Probably everyone has experienced this at least once.  Recently, I accidentally accepted one of these invitations.  I was under the impression that the person who sent the request was somebody that I had met on set . . . I was mistaken.  I … Continue reading Troll

I think this might be a cannibalism game . . .

So I was bouncing around the app store, as I do, and I came across this! Love! Sushi Rangers A romance dating sim where you date . . . sushi. Huh? So here is my synopsis based on looking at pictures and not actually playing the game at all (yet). According to the site, your … Continue reading I think this might be a cannibalism game . . .

Flying Lady Bits!

A quote from Grant Morrison, the guy who's writing the new Wonder Woman comics: "Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane is now shaped like a vagina, it’s the most incredible thing. It opens up in the back and it has a little clitoris hood, everything is a female-based design." I have this to say about that: First … Continue reading Flying Lady Bits!

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