Witch Ball at Zombie Joe’s Underground

I was fortunate enough to be chosen as part of the cast for an experimental play at Zombie Joe’s Underground.  The piece, Witch Ball is told in a series of vignettes that follow a timeline spanning several hundred years.  It begins with the creation of the titular witch ball and explores the role it plays in the lives of it’s successive owners.  Not unlike the film The Red Violin.

Witch balls are sort of like dream catchers meant to ward of evil spirits.   Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article on them.   The witch ball in our play actually captures and absorbs spirits both wicked and benign throughout it’s colorful existence.

The show includes song, dance, and pantomime (I get to be a wolf!) as well as solid acting.

The Show runs every Saturday at 8:30 from April 4- May 9.  Tickets are $15.  For that price, you get to see shamanistic rituals (I get to be a shaman too!), killer butterflies (yes, you read that right), a lion tamer, old timey dance, and an impressionistic funeral.  There’s a lot more but if I listed it all it would sound like the senseless ravings of a mad woman.


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