Gamers at Disney

This past weekend (October 4th-5th) was Gay Days at Disneyland in California.  It’s a weekend when members of the LGBT community and their family and friends go to the park to support each other and celebrate their solidarity.  A lot of my gamer friends are gay and a few of us go together to support them and do the Disney thing.  We’re all part of the same Warcraft guild so we make t shirts.  The celebration color is red so everybody has a red shirt.  This year my new shirt was yellow because I sort of have an overabundance of red shirts #womanwardrobeproblems but I totes wore a red shirt the second day.

My submission for the shirt design was too busy  but I’m going to show you anyway.  I made it even busier so it’s more like a poster now. CHOPHOUSEBATH

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