30 Since ’84, 25-30

25. Tokyo Godfatherstokyogodfathers5

On Christmas eve, three hobos find a baby in a dumpster and shit get’s real.  So, I guess there are two Christmas movies on this list.  Written and directed by Satoshi Kon (Cowboy Beebop), Tokyo Godfathers has a lot of those lucky breaks we are used to seeing in holiday films.  But it’s Kon, so it also has a lot of flair as well.

26. Rinnereincarnation_rinne_6

This was one of the 8 Films to Die For.  If you are familiar with that film festival, you know that the offerings can be less than amazing sometimes.  It’s about an actress staring in a horror film who begins having visions of the murders that took place at the shooting location.  You know, the kind of stuff that happens to me all the time.

27. Bring It Ontri_flm_062013_bringiton

That’s right, this movie.  Don’t judge me!

28. Millennium ActressMillennium_Actress_005

The blending of the real world with that of the actor, it tells story about an actress’ search for a lost love and how that search was mirrored in all the roles she played.  A lovely film with a beautiful heart.

29. RE-cycle3EA7503C68

What sort of world is made of all the things we have given up or discarded?   Regret and loss are real and I like that the main character has to deal with them.  Normally, the best you get is survivor’s guilt or some other ploy where their misery isn’t over something they did but something that was done to them.  Ting-yin faces a lot of her decisions and the sacrifices that were made.  Sacrifices she chose to make. Yeah, she also has to deal with her abortion but that’s not the point of the film. Some people have got their panties all twisted over that.  Personally, I didn’t think it was preachy.  Aside from the bizarre visuals (it IS a horror film), Ting-yin’s feelings about her choices seemed realistic and believable.

30. One Nightimages

Okay, so this might be cheating.  My final choice is actually a short by Laura Jean Cronin.  And I was in it.  But that’s not exactly why I picked it.  Making this film taught me a lot.  I think I learned more from Laura Jean and Sherril Johnson and well, honestly, everyone (I could recite the whole crew list but that’s what the link is for) than I did on any other project.  Also, it’s a pretty cool story about a backwards girl who’s behavior misleads people into thinking she’s something that she’s not.  It makes you think about judging others.

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