30 Since ’84, 19-24

19. Hellraiserhellraiser


I used to have a Pinhead dolly until I gave it to my little boy to play with.  Yeah, that’s how we roll, GI Joe is for wimps!  Anyway, I am a big fan of Clive Barker.  I love his vision and visceral writing style.  And I feel a lot of that shows through in this film. The story this movie was based on had the lead cenobite as a woman rather than a man.  So, y’know I want that part if they ever make another.

20. Dreamspic1

Not my most favorite Akria Kurosawa film ever but one of the very few that fit in my timeline.  The most amazing thing about this film is that it made me experience that weird fuzzy quality of actually being asleep.  I’m not sure how he did that.  But in most films, the dream sequence is just as overbearing as the rest.  This one invokes the physical sensation of an actual dream.  At least it did for me.

21. The Birdcagerobin_williams_28229

Nathan Lane and Robin Williams.  Amazing.  Also, this is a wonderful story about being a parent and the lengths you’d go to for your kids.  It’s also about accepting people’s differences because that’s what makes them awesome and beautiful.

22. Titustresy-nel-film-titus-diretto-da-julie-taymor-164108

Well, it’s Shakespeare, so the writing is great.  The cast was amazing too.  What makes it extra special was the way it pushed the medium of film to tell a classic story.  Fantastic symbolism and imagery.

23. 28 Days Later968full-28-days-later...-screenshot

A zombie flick where the real monsters aren’t the zombies but some of the survivors.  Amazaballs!

24. RangoRango-Wallpaper-10

I love my son’s taste in movies.  Because of him, I watched Rango every day for nearly 3 months.  Well, I was doing other things too, but it played in our apartment at least once a day.  Way better than my sister’s obsession with Free Willy.  So funny and weird while still being a true western at it’s core.


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