30 Since ’84, 13-18

13. Evil Dead 2 Orig17 301

That’s right not 1 or Army of Darkness.  Evil Dead 2.  Why?


Don’t judge me!

14. Mongolian Ping Pongshot1_large

Bilike and his friends find a ping pong ball in the river.  They spend a good portion of the movie trying to figure out what it is, eventually concluding that it is a national treasure that must be returned to Beijing.  The pacing is a little slow but it’s a cute, warm and fuzzy film about 3 cheeky boys discovering the world.

15. My Neighbor Totorototoro

Who doesn’t love Totoro?  Butt heads, that’s who.   Hayao Miyazaki is a wonderful artist/storyteller.  He’s made a lot of fantastic cartoons.  This one just happens to be my favorite.  Also, his eyebrows are fascinating.

16. Pan’s Labyrinthpans_labyrinth4

When face with a ruthless reality, a little girl substitutes a fantasy world that is almost as frightening as the original.  But, she really isn’t an escapist at all.  She uses her fantasy to empower herself.  The framework of the 3 tasks she must complete to earn her reward allows her to have the courage to not only face the horrors around her but to try and fight them.

17. The Shawshank Redemptionstill-of-morgan-freeman-and-tim-robbins-in-the-shawshank-redemption-1994-large-picture

A story about friendship and maintaining  your dignity when faced with an unfair world.  If you haven’t seen it, stop whatever you are doing and watch it.  Seriously.  Right now.

18. Cabin in the WoodsCabin-In-The-Woods

“Oh my god. I’m on a reality TV show. My parents are gonna think I am such a burnout.”  A fantastic subversion of the horror genre that manages to craft likable versions of slasher stock characters.


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