30 Since ’84, 1-6

Okay, so I was recently tagged by my friend, the wordsmith Jim Snowden (Check him out here) to name 30 of my favorite films that were produced after my birth year.  Each entry of his list was accompanied by insightful summaries and explanations of why that particular film was chosen.  Undoubtedly, I will be less insightful.

1. Raise the Red Lantern  the-end

Songlian, a young, educated woman chooses to fulfill her filial duty and become concubine in a rich man’s house.  On her first night the master demands to see her face in the light of the lantern and remarks, “educated girls are different. Now, undress and get into bed.”  That line says it all.  Whatever is special or unique about Songlian doesn’t matter or gets taken away from her throughout the film.  She loses herself and her mind as she forced into the role of sex object and thus, face the horror of being a thing and not a person.

2. Beetlejuice beetlejuice

I knew every line of this film by the time I was 6.  Winona Ryder was my first and longest standing girl-crush.  I’m pretty sure that everything about this film is fantastic and can’t be convinces otherwise.

3. The Great Mouse Detective14ED2D5C02 

Sherlock Holmes as a mouse, robot queen, peg-legged bat, sailor bar burlesque show, and Vincent Price!

4. Zoolanderzoolander-still 

I love this film to an embarrassing degree. I get way to emotionally invested. I cry.  Not tears of laughter but tears of having my heart touched.  It’s the scene where Zoolander’s dad is in that dirty mining town bar at the end of the film and he proudly shout’s “That’s my son!” at the television.  I cry.  Every single time.

5. The Road Homebehind35 

I normally hate romance films because they are not romantic, they are chick-porn.  This film is anything but.  The most beautiful love story I have ever seen.  There’s romantic love, familial love, love manifest as gratitude . . . and not a single ass cheek.  Amen.

6. Die Hard Bruce-Willis-in-Die-Hard 

Everybody has one.  A favorite Christmas movie.  And this is mine.



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