The Truth About Boobs

For as much time and effort it seems that the male population puts into seeing a woman’s “chest meat,”  I am constantly surprised at how little they understand about the physics of female anatomy.  For example, it was recently brought to my attention that there was a post on Tickld featuring a very young girl (she’s looks 14ish) demonstrating how she can use a man’s shirt as a dress.  Naturally, somebody eventually commented how, though very cute, this method is not practical for a more womanly build.  Now, the girl is cute as a button and though, I didn’t see anything mean said about her, comments mentioning the impracticality of this method for most women were met by a rather violent (and sometimes, creepy -SHE’S A KID) backlash from some respondents.

Obviously, these people do not understand how breast size greatly effects and often limits a woman’s wardrobe choices.  For example, the above fashion move would have dire consequences for most woman of average endowment.  And for those of us who are sporting a bit more that a couple handfuls, the results border on catastrophic.

Since this has proven to be such a difficult concept, I offer the bellow comic for illustration:boobs

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