Job Hunting for Actors

Most actors are (more or less) in a constant state of unemployment.  By that, I mean that we are ALWAYS looking for a job.  I’d estimate that I apply for at least a half dozen jobs every day.  I also believe that the actor’s job hunt is especially demoralizing if you are a woman.  For example, I recently saw a job posting about male strippers in which none of the male parts had to be nude but 3 of the women did.  Again, this was a piece about MALE strippers.  Male strippers who would never have to be naked . . . I’m not sure how that works.  From time to time I also see listings demanding women to be 6 feet tall and weigh 100 pounds.  How are you not dead?  Is that even possible?  Does Jack Skellington cross-dress?

Most of the time, you don’t even get an audition.  But sometimes, that can be a good thing.  I was once asked if I was “still married” . . . WTF!  Another time “would you be opposed to similated sex with a man dressed as a goat?”  Again, WTF!

Anyway, I came upon a particular gem today during my daily job hunt:

CHLOE AND STACY — Female, 20-30. Any ethnicity.  These ladies are unicorn hookers. Chloe & Stacy have huge attitudes and just want their way.



. . . yup.

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