Bitch stole my chocolate

So I play an online game called My Candy Love (  I believe the object of the game is to wear pretty clothes and collect young men.  Most of the action takes place in a woefully understaffed high school.  And no high school game/drama/movie would be complete with out the megalomaniac  bitch nemeses.

You know the type: she roles with a posse of vapid stereotypes, her hair’s insured for $10,000, she has some sort of bizarre diplomatic immunity that allows her to engage in The Misfits (ala Jem) antics with next to no repercussions, and she hates you presumably because you challenge her bonobo-like supremacy.  OH!  and her name is Amber.

So in my current episode, there is all this drama surrounding exams and studying and whatnot.  At some point, my character decides that  she needs a snack.  Crazy bitch drops EIGHT f-ing dollars on a candy bar and a bottle of water.  So, you know she’s got some Ghirardelli or something.

As soon as I enter the school hallway, then Amber accosts my person.  She’s all like, “McFLy!”  book checks me, knocks me on my ass, and steals my goddamn chocolate bar!


So I change my outfit, as I often do when drama arises in this game.  I tape up my hands, tear of my shirt and chase that crazy ho!


Sadly, no cat-fight ensues so I do not get to cut her face.  Woe is me.

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