Abusive Cat Boyfriend

So I’ve been playing quite a few VNs and Otome games as research (read “research”) for the one I am making.  Some of them are a little . . . magical.  For example, Dandelion  Wishes Brought to You where the protagonist discovers a basket of small animals and then proceeds to date them.

Of course.

At some point, the animals turn into dudes but by then, you’re already locked in.  So if your tastes for cute pets are not in harmony with your romantic preferences TOO BAD!  Ha!

I’ve only gotten 2 bad endings.  In one you end up getting a proposal from your completely normal non-manimal friend who will be inheriting a chicken business.  Honestly, did not seem that terrible.  Maybe it’s considered a failure because he isn’t a magic bunny man?  I guess realism=failure.

In the other bad ending, one of your cats gets crazy possessive and goes all Stockholm on you.   Sorry, I can’t find you threatening when you lick your butt.  It just doesn’t work for me.

In all honesty, it’s a really fun game.





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